- Track and keep a record of your symptoms.

- See your symptom history, and share with your doctor.

- Help researchers to fight COVID-19.

There is no fee to use the app.

COVID-19 is a pandemic affecting the entire globe!

Every resident of the world is anxious about getting COVID-19, and views every sneeze, every cough, and every fever as a sign that they may have COVID-19. Governments of every country are concerned about the spread of COVID-19, and in search of solutions to help their citizens, and understand and prevent spread of COVID-19. 

Are you anxious about COVID-19?

Are you having fever, cough, or other symptoms?

Have you been tested for COVID-19?

Have you had contact with someone with COVID-19?

Does a family member or friend have COVID-19?

Do you want to contribute towards research on COVID-19?

With COVID Symptom, you can

Track key COVID-19 symptoms

See history of your symptoms

Share history of your symptoms with your doctor

Help alleviate anxiety 

See heat maps of how others are reporting symptoms (1)

Help scientists and researchers to track, study, and model prevalence of COVID-19 in our communities (1)

(1) Anonymized data is used to create heat maps of the symptoms. No personally identifiable data is used or made available to any third party. The app does not track your location, and uses the zip code you provide.


- Research into COVID-19

- Making the app more useful for self-reporting and for doctors getting the self-reports

- Making the app more useful for research


should contact

Medical Advisors

Dr. Madhavi Kanneganti M.D.

Critical Care Physician

Detroit, Michigan, USA

If you are a doctor, and would like to help, please contact “"

Dr. Nutan Nadkarni, M.D.

General Pediatrician

Perth Amboy Pediatrics

JFK Hosp and Med Ctr, Edison

Raritan Bay Medical Ctr, Perth Amboy

St. Peter’s Hosp and Med Ctr, New Brunswick

Dr. Jasminder Luthra, MD

  Emergency Medicine


RESearch partners

Professor H V Jagadish   
Director, Michigan Institute for Data Science   
Bernard A Galler Collegiate Professor of   
Elec. Engg. and Computer Science 
University of Michigan 

Ann Arbor, MI

Peter XK Song 


Associate Chair, Research 

Department of Biostatistics,  

     School of Public Health        

         University of Michigan         

Ann Arbor, MI

If you would like to collaborate for research, please contact “"

Saran Mumick

Student, University of Pennsylvania


Haranshvir Gujral

Product Designer, Structural

Kieraj Mumick

Software Engineer, AirBnB

Harman Anand

Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Jaswinder Chadha



Yashwanth Manivannan

Student, IIIT


If you would like to volunteer to help this project, please contact “"

CORPORATE Supporters

This project, sponsored by New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC), and in collaboration with Kirusa, is supported by the multiple organizations listed.

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If you would like to participate or support this project, please contact “"

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